AI reshapes newsrooms

Laio: editorial assistant and autonomous newsfeed

Laio is an advanced AI tool for journalists, news editors, and other content providers. It is designed to improve the productivity and quality of journalism. In doing so, Laio makes maximum use of artificial intelligence without losing sight of textual, social, and ethical requirements. Laio comes in both an assistant version (with human guidance) and a fully automated one.

Laio Assistant

Laio Assistant is our proven newsroom tool. It has unique features that fit within the work patterns of traditional newsrooms. These include efficient Web research, fact-checking, contextualization, source citation, and text optimization. Laio provides access to unexpected, relevant sources outside the editor’s usual field of vision, reducing the risk of echo chambers.

Laio Assistant supports the ethics and mission of journalism. It is:

Laio Assistant differs from other tools through its

Laio is under continuous development for components such as autonomous news sources, smaller niches and communities, multimedia output, and fact-checking.

Laio Assistant has been in development since December 2022. The experience so far shows how Laio helps news editors. Compared to traditional production processes, Laio is:

More Efficient

Laio leads to higher production

More Enjoyable

Laio makes research easier


Higher relevancy and more context leads to a completer output


Laio Assistant

The AI collaborator who helps with research, data processing, providing context, and writing. Laio Assistant ensures that editorial teams are more complete, audience-oriented, and efficient.

Laio Feed

The fully automated tool that collects news around a specific niche or community and presents it in ready-made posts, with source attribution. Laio Feed is an AI system that performs complete editorial processes according to a pre-specified protocol. From newsgathering to publication, Laio Feed works without the intervention of an editor. Laio Feed’s posts are intended as an inspiration to gain insight into a particular market or as a basis for a news site. The Illustrated Artificial Intelligence ( is a proof-of-concept news site generated entirely by Laio Feed. How that works for a specific niche can be seen at Beware: Laio Feed contains inaccuracies connected to the use of artificial intelligence.

Laio Video

This tool quickly creates short videos based on articles in a tight format suitable for social media. With Laio Video, editors can easily turn written articles into engaging videos. Laio Video makes producing video content as easy as writing an article.

Business Opportunities

AI and Laio will unlock new business opportunities. AI-assisted journalism paves the way for producing more articles per day and ensures that the output is more relevant to the target audience. Thanks to AI, markets currently considered too niche will become profitable. Laio is perfectly positioned to fill that role.

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