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We are driven by optimism

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Innovation Origins is an international news platform on innovation and technology. We show what the world of tomorrow could look like. We tell the relevant industry stories, highlighting the people, products, and companies that will shape the world of tomorrow.

What drives us

We are driven by optimism about our future, which is why we focus on how we could achieve a better tomorrow rather than on what is going wrong today. We are curious about how the future will look and what innovation can do to contribute to a sustainable world.

What we do

Innovation Origins’ strength lies in telling relevant stories interesting to a broad audience and stakeholders in the innovation industry; think technology companies, innovation clusters, knowledge institutions, and incubators. By doing so, we make content relevance commercially attractive.

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Innovation Origins works with partners from different sectors. We help these companies and organizations tell and spread their stories. Would you like to join us? You can. Together we reveal the most relevant stories from your organization. We show how you can make the future a little brighter. By doing so, your audience and network will grow. You will also be an essential source of inspiration for others.

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We are driven by optimism

We don’t tell stories about what goes wrong today, but instead, we focus on how we can achieve a better world tomorrow!

Innovation and technology can play a significant role in achieving that, and we are excited about all the energetic companies, researchers, and startups that work hard to make this happen.

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